October 5th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Little Notes

When I got up this morning, Spirit had torn nine pieces off the envelope and since then, four more. She loves tearing those apart. She holds them down with her front paws, takes a bite, tears it off, spits it out, and goes for more.

When I went out to get mail, I noticed a neighbor's Jeep had a "IUPAT Supports Obama" sticker on it, plus a "Got Hope?" sticker. (International Union of Painters And related Trades -- I had to look it up.) When I came back in, facing the doors on our condo, I saw she'd put an Obama/Biden sign on the outside of the landing outside her door. No political signs are allowed in the condos at all (well, bumperstickers are okay) so I don't know how long it will stay, but it was nice to see.

Before I went for mail, there were three squirrels chasing each other on and off the porch and Shiva was ready to jump, except for the screen door. As I drove down the block, a six-or-so-year-old boy was chasing one of the squirrels himself, and was very close to catching it when the squirrel veered onto the street/parking lot.

About 11:30pm, I heard heavy truck outside (and Shiva retreated to the castle) and I went out to look. Someone's car was being towed for being in a handicapped spot down the block without a tag/plate. The police will frequently forgive the fine if you actually have a tag and forgot to put it up, but you still pay for the tow truck. Shiva has finally become calm enough to come out of the castle. He's afraid of noisy machines.
20111112, Marilee

Obama Van!

I was eating my oatmeal when I saw one of those painted all over vans and it was for Obama! It let out three pairs of people, who, as near as I could tell, went only to registered Democrats. They didn't come knock on my door or Luke's, and neither of us are registered (you're not required to register in Virginia, although there are some rules to keep people from voting in both primaries) but normally vote Democratic. They weren't here long, our part of Manassas is not that different from the rest.

Spirit tore six more pieces from the envelope overnight, but it may be at its end. She's got all the sticky parts and the non-sticky parts are not as interesting. I'm doing the sheets and pillows and putting clean sheets on the bed -- my standard Sunday duties.