September 23rd, 2008

20111112, Marilee

The Day of Cleaning

Lucila came today and I slept through it, then took a package to the post office. I'm becoming sleepy quickly, so I'm going to eat and hope that fixes it.

Two weeks ago, I left a clean towel draped over a ladderback chair at the entrance to the hallway, so I could take it down the next time. When I came back by, Spirit had finagled enough of the towel onto the seat so she could curl up on it. I figured, okay, chair blankie, I can do that, and I've been leaving a towel there (swapping when washing). The interesting part is that one of them will curl up on it and then the other one will squeeze in:

That's Shiva in the back, who was there first, and Spirit tucked in on the front. The white bit above the beginning of her tail is one of his feet. It's cute to watch the snuggling, but I have to think of somewhere else to leave stuff to take down the hall.