September 22nd, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Busy, Busy, Busy

My original intention was to get groceries and come home to wash cat blankies. But things kept adding on -- first, I realized that my nephrologist probably put the new dose of lisinopril in at Kaiser Burke, which is quite a distance, so I called Kaiser Manassas Pharmacy and they started working on pulling it out of Burke and putting it in there. Then I deposited checks at the credit union and went to the Kaiser Manassas Pharmacy and they not only had it ready, I get a new pill cutter! It shouldn't be such a big deal, they only cost $1.50, but I like having new ones, and this one is a spiffier design than the last one. In the same shopping center, I bought snackies for the kitties and then headed for the grocery.

My part of the bill was slightly less than the cats' part of the bill (food and litter), but their litter will at least last longer. I picked up mail on the way in and put all this in my rolling cart. Boy was I glad for that nice smooth ramp! Since then I've started the cat blankies and put everything away.

Okay, now, people, my neighbor Virginia emailed me and said she fell and didn't use her Med Alarm. I've already told her that when she falls and can't get up, she has to use it. She reads here, you can tell her, too! Instead she crawled over to get dressed and then called her son. Med Alarm!