August 26th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Cooler Today

It's only 79F right now and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 75F. I'd open the windows, but Lucila is here and working and I want her to be cooler.

I dropped a DVD off at the post office today and picked up groceries. I was going to get a loaf of bread, but I saw a package of onion rolls and suddenly they looked a lot better than bread. I got them instead, they'll make fine sandwiches.

Last night when I started beading, Spirit moved off my lap and got up on the top of the castle and then came back, cautiously, but finally went to sleep. She's been fine with Lucila here (as long as there's not a vacuum) before, but today she's on the ledge before the castle (with Shiva inside). I think she might be more scared because of the beading flight.

I see Virginia is seated on the stage at the convention -- all the purple states are there. The states that are known, one way or the other, are further back.