August 24th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Cat-Shaped Terror

I was beading in the recliner last night when Spirit, who has started running into things, jumped up on the recliner. Not the end, as usual, but on my stomach, and in the process, put her back left foot into a loop of Fireline (gel microspun fishing line that works well for some types of beading) that had a needle two inches away. I tried to lift her leg so I could get the loop off and she panicked and stepped right onto the recliner arm and then to the steps up to the castle and inside. (There's a reason I move everything back after the cleaning lady has been here.) She's yelling through all this.

I still want to get the line off her foot, so I get out of the recliner and approach the castle slowly, telling her what a good girl she is, how pretty, etc., but as soon as I was in arm's length, she was out the castle window, behind the furniture, around the desk in the dining room, and down the hall into the bedroom. Screaming. She has something attached to her and it keeps following her!

So I follow, much slower, down the hallway and see that she must be right inside the bedroom because the two ends of the beading are on the threshold. I kicked them in, went in, and closed the door behind me. She startled and ran into the door. Then she dashed to the far side of the bed (I have drawers under my bed, so no getting underneath). In the process of dashing, she'd stepped out of the beading, so I put it on a shelf of the closest bookcase.

I wanted to make sure her foot wasn't hurt, and I knew she was still scared of me, so I sat on the bed for a bit, talking to her. Then I moved to the bottom of the bed and talked to her. Then to the side she was on, and she ran into the closet, where I caught her. I sat back on the bed and examined her foot. She didn't have any scratches or piercing, but in the process, I acquired a few larger piercings.

So I left her back there and brought the beading back out. It took me 15 minutes to get the thread untangled and by then, she had come partway down the hallway and darted into the utility room (probably into the corner behind the water heater). Then she came out to the heating pad in the kitchen, and after about 30 more minutes, came to the arm of the recliner (stepping on the toolbox I keep next to it with beading tools and such, and then to the arm). She was shaking. She wanted to sit with me, but was still terrified. She let me pet her gently and she looked around for Shiva and I told her he was on top of the recliner and she could see him, he loved her. She turned around and stretched up to find the top and jumped up there where he was a good boy and bathed her head thoroughly. She came back eventually to sit nervously and then sleep comfortably between my legs.

After all the walking and catching, I didn't set the alarm and I slept only nine hours, which is good. I've run the dishwasher today and am washing sheets. Strange how a few minutes of terror take up a lot more time to tell.