July 29th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

What A Day!

I only took a small amount of codeine last night and the regular amount of flexeril so I was up at 2pm and alert. I went to Tuesday Morning looking for some kind of small box or bag that would work with the jewelry I'm making for the two livelongnmarry donors, and in the very last corner, I find cupcake boxes. Yes, boxes that you put a cupcake in and give to someone. Weird. But the perfect size and I bought the non-obvious baby and wedding ones.

Then I walked past a store and into the Great American Buffet. They have two counters for salad -- one for the goopy stuff and one for the vegetable stuff. I had a plate full of vegetable stuff plus iced tea and then a brownie. I picked up the bill and the waitress had given me the Senior Buffet rate! Their senior minimum is 60! I brought a coupon with me, so I went to the cashier and told her I was only 53 and I had a better coupon, which is when she told me she was giving me the Early Bird Special which was even better. I couldn't figure out why the waitress thought I was 60 or older, but then I remembered that they have a seniors discount day and there were a lot of seniors there, so maybe she thought that was why I was there.

I came home in time to start laundry before Lucila came to clean and I worked on the papers for the private disability (I'll take the doctor's papers to Kaiser tomorrow) and I pulled some beads for HOPES to make the ends of bookmarks with and wrote a letter to the 13-year-old running it.

We had a condo meeting tonight about some guys who own some property that backs up to ours and want an easement and I just went ahead and paid Lucila, put shoes on, and went. She locked up when she left. We had more people than the room held well, and the "young entrepreneurs" were late. They didn't bring us a site plan and they weren't able to tell us very much actual specific information. They don't even have a builder yet. The thing is, they don't need the easement. The reason we're so unhappy about this is that if we give them the temporary grading easement, it will take out a large swathe of old trees. Some of us know more about building and asked about the wetlands at the bottom of their property and they hadn't planned for that, not to mention that the houses they plan to put there are in a 10-year floodplain. We talked about silt fences and when and why. So we had quite a discussion (wherein they told us too much) and then everybody but me went and walked the property line.

I got home and a little further along on my online stuff when the neighbor who I asked to look at the property line for me came by with his wife and they came in (the cats hid) and he and I discussed the problems with the entrepreneurs' ideas, not just the ones involving us, and other condo things. His wife followed some -- she got a rare brain disease about 18 months ago and it involves mobility and memory -- and they just left. I had to jump up while we were talking and set the VCR to watch Eureka for me. So it's 10pm and I should have been to this point in my online stuff by about 5pm. Another late night, I think.