July 20th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Sleepier , Dream, and Visitors

I had planned to write that I had just slept today, but people showed up!

I stood and walked more than usual yesterday, so of course, my legs cramped about 8am. I had to hobble up and take a lot more flexeril so I just turned the alarm off and woke up a bit before 3pm. By the time I finished going through the sections of the Sunday WashPost and putting them in my order, I was yawning like crazy. So I slept from 4:30 to 8pm in the recliner.

My last dream was rather Twilight Zoneish -- I came back to my office from lunch and all the other desks were gone, all the people who worked there were gone, and there was a strange man at my desk. All my papers and things were on the floor and he had just an IN box and an OUT box. I asked him what was happening and he pointed his finger at me and made me into a Barbie doll and put me in the IN box. Weird.

I had just started reading email when there was a knock at the door -- the member of our library group who'd taken pictures and some video of the baby shower had brought the DVD and his wife! I'd never met her and enjoyed talking with her. I got to show her some of the beading I do (she strings) and both Mary's and Cat's polyclay. She took a card of Cat's with her.

I need to eat something. I suspect I'll be up later than usual tonight.