July 13th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Another Thunderstorm

And my little channel out front got clogged with some more mulch, so I went out and got the outside reacher from the storeroom off the porch and scraped another path which the water followed happily down under my porch, to the drain. Part of the problem is that someone has moved the concrete thing that the downspout is supposed to drain into -- putting the extra water out on the front lawn -- and so the water takes the least resistance to the front of the porch. One of the new renters in the next building stopped by and talked while I was hacking at ivy (I have lots of bruises to show from it!) and asked if I needed help. Maybe I'll ask him to put it back the next time I see him. He just graduated college and is looking for a job in graphic arts.

I have an unusually (Wow! Lightning hit about a half-block away -- Shiva ran down the hall) long list for the grocery store tomorrow, mostly because of the baby shower next Saturday, but partly because of coupons and sales that are interacting. I'll have to try hard to get up at a better time than lately.