July 11th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Pullin' the Ivy, Pullin' the Ivy, Pullin' the Ivy Today....

I've got a big mound of detached ivy on my porch. When it dies and dries, I'll put it in the newly-empty new cat food bag and take it to the trash. I had the rice maker make me oatmeal for when I got up, and I planned to eat it after I fed the cats, but then I went out and hacked at the ivy and completely forgot about it until a few minutes ago when I went into the kitchen because I remembered I needed to eat. Didn't remember about the oatmeal until I saw the rice cooker, though.

I got a letter from the private disability company today and it has a new form for my poor primary doctor to fill out, plus forms for me. I'll have to drop by Kaiser next week and fill out a form and hand it over to Medical Records to give to the doc. I'll give him my emergency info sheet so he won't have to write all the diagnoses and meds.

I'm still behind on the WashPost and last night found a cartoon that seemed appropriate:

which comes from the official site.