July 5th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Great Cholesterol!

I got my lipid panel results back and not only is everything in the right range, it's well on the good side of the range! I haven't had results this good since before I got sick! It has to be the fish oil capsules the primary had me start taking.

I can hear the cars at the Speedway. It's a few miles away, but I've always enjoyed the sound on summer Fridays and Saturdays. Some developer bought it and will start building houses after the season is over, but maybe the housing economy will be bad enough he'll keep leasing it to the Speedway.

I went and got money for next week and ate at Tony's -- Greek salad, garlic bread, and iced tea -- and then came home and noticed the fountain was off. I went into the guest bathroom and the GFCI was off, so I got a screwdriver and pushed the Reset (I found out last year that I'm not strong enough to push it without a tool) in and the fountain started. This happens when it gets really wet, and since I don't use the outlets in the bathrooms, I don't know about it being off unless I have the fountain set up and it isn't running.

The rains yesterday left very wet seed with green on the birdfeeder and I had just a few things in the dishwasher, so I took them out and washed the feeder. Now it's drying, but in the meantime, I put some seed on the porch. I also got out the reacher in the storeroom because more mulch made a big pool yesterday and I made a more permanent channel to the hole down to the drain under my porch. As long as I was on the porch with the reacher, I pulled volunteers -- a lot of them were from my upstairs neighbors begonias. I should probably leave those. The maples have to come up, though. I didn't work on the ivy, though, I'd done enough leaning, so maybe tomorrow.

Shiva is very excited about all the mourning doves eating from the seed on the porch and is flat on the ground in front of the screen door (I opened the windows), just waiting for one to come close enough he can get it through the screen. Spirit has spent the morning in the recliner.

While I was out, I saw two good vanity plates. Here's a reference everyone will get: LTB OHMY and one that some will: IAM LOST.