July 1st, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Nice Weather, Too Much Pain

I think the pain is because I didn't scoop seed from the 50-pound bag long enough. I thought I got enough out that it would be safe to lift the bag and pour the rest in. Wednesday night, I'll take the big deal pain meds and see how that works, since I don't need to go out on Thursday.

Tomorrow I'm getting stuck for the lipid panel. I emailed to find out why I hadn't seen results yet and my primary doc is off until mid-July, but the nurse replied that it hadn't been done. I even took a printed list of tests to the lab, and they didn't do the last one! The nurse said she'd give me the results after I get the panel done.

I was out filling the birdfeeder today, putting more water plus a bit of bleach in the fountain, and thinking I should try hacking at more ivy that is advancing on the porch. But I hurt too much and Lucila is coming soon, so maybe Thursday. It's only 81F out there and not very humid, a lovely day for summer.

Remember when I told you about the prisoner found dead in his cell? He was strangled. Seven prison guards and an "undisclosed" number of supervisors had access to him in those 20 minutes. The FBI is investigating it as a civil rights matter and the Maryland State Police are handling the primary investigation.

I didn't finish my BFAC project last night -- between getting online late and Making Light having eight new threads, some with hundreds of posts, I finished online at 3am. But I'm starting much earlier today and hope to finish the project tonight.
20111112, Marilee

Humans by Robert Sawyer

This is the sequel to Hominids, which I reviewed here. A lot of middle books in trilogies sag, but this one not only did that, but offered a 40-page polemic from the Neanderthal about how irrational religion and war were, most of it standing in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I agree with his viewpoint, but I don't like 40-page lectures in the middle of my fiction.

At the end of the first book, the Neanderthal has gone back to his world, leaving the rape victim who has come to love him on our world. In this book, he and an ambassador are sent back here and Sawyer spends almost the entire book telling us how much better the Neanderthals (as he sees them) are than we are. The ambassador brings the top 10 artisans and inventors to the UN and offers all their expertise to our world, the Neanderthal says how irrational we are (his suggestion that if all presidents had to announce war in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, they wouldn't, is clearly wrong), and when the woman from our world goes to theirs, she finds it easier to work without men (the way their society is set up). The book does advance their relationship.

The third book (which is not here yet) had better be good.