June 26th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Chocoholics Rejoice!

Mars is developing a tougher stronger cacao tree so you won't be without chocolate!

It's Code Orange today so I wasn't supposed to go out, but my check came, so I went directly to the bank and came directly home and was only coughing the last few minutes. Then I paid bills. The new 50-pound batch of birdseed came today, just in time, and I maneuvered it to the sliding glass door and after 8pm, when the warning goes away, I'll go put it in the metal container.

I read ICHC every day, but don't normally put them in my LJ. However, this one seems designed for me:

So everybody gets to keep a gun at home. Statistics show that most guns kept at home hurt or kill someone other than an intruder. This is because people don't learn how to keep guns or how to use them properly and they don't practice on the range. I wonder if DC can put that kind of requirement on keeping guns at home.