June 20th, 2008

20111112, Marilee


Sorta. The Zojirushi Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker is cooking pearl barley in fat-free chicken broth. In a bit, I'll put oil and a dab of butter in a small pyrex casserole and add onions, zap, add mushrooms, zap, and then keep warm in the toaster oven. To be mixed when the barley is done.

The rheumatologist released the labs she ordered and they're all normal except for increased leukocytes and increased C-Reactive Protein. The first is because of the autoimmune diseases and the second means I have inflammation somewhere. I've had that for about six months and we haven't figured it out yet.

The birdfeeder went through the dishwasher last night and was dry by 2am, but I didn't feel like taking it out then, so I took it out this morning. The birds are happy. No squirrels yet.

Shiva scared Spirit so much last night with grabbing her, that she stood on the printer and yelled. I carried her down to the bed, where she stayed with me. Shiva came in and yelled because she was on the bed and left. When I woke up later, Spirit was gone and Shiva was sleeping with me. Then when I woke up for good, nobody was there. I think Shiva is jealous that Spirit is spending time with me in the bed. Back when Giorgio was alive, he and Spirit would come say goodnight and then sleep in the recliner. Shiva would come and sit with me while I read and then either cuddle up or sleep at the bottom of the bed when I slept. Most mornings, all three of them were cuddled up at the bottom.

Well, Giorgio isn't here anymore and Spirit is spending my reading time with me and I think Shiva is jealous. Spirit has just very gingerly climbed onto the couch to sit next to Shiva. He isn't paying attention to her, but he hasn't grabbed her, either.