June 19th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Busy Day and Long Onhold with Verizon

I took the trash and recycling out today -- extra recycling since I had Luke's and my physical spam phone books, then I dropped the Social Security stuff at the post office drive-by, and went on to Kaiser where I remembered I hadn't had extra water before I left. They have a water machine and cups, so I had three cups and was able to pee. I had to lie to the phlebotomists -- if the lab software gets anything other than midnight for fasting, it will mark the fasting labs as "not fasting." I last ate at 1am and was there just after 3pm, so it was plenty of time, but if I told them 1am, they would mark 1 in the software and it would assume 1pm. So I told them midnight.

I've been having some trouble remembering to eat recently. I've had a few days with 18-20 hours without eating and at 1am Wednesday, I realized I hadn't eaten in 25 hours, so I zapped a frozen meal. I need to do better at that.

After labs, I went to Zabb, the Thai restaurant in the same shopping center as Kaiser, and had one of their June specials: Crispy Duck with the Chef's Special Mango Sauce. I asked if the sauce was sweet and was told no, so I ordered it. It was very good. It had two chilis on the menu, but just gave me a minor buzz at the top of my throat, and then only when I was actually eating peppers. They were playing jazz (real jazz, not Kenny G crap) and soon after I came in, a jazz piano piece started -- an arrangement of a familiar and unlikely song -- and I watched carefully as nobody else noticed it was the theme music from The Andy Griffith Show. I also noticed that all the customers were white, all the staff were Thai, and the music had been created by blacks. It would be nice if we could mix better.

I got gas ($3.999/gallon) and picked up mail on the way home. When I checked my email, I had two pieces of mail that weren't addressed to me, and shouldn't have gotten through Dreamhost's filters. One was clearly spam, the other was not so clear. It was from Verizon and besides not being addressed to me, it had a not-very-clear mail path that implied it didn't necessarily come from Verizon. It said my contract would be up in August and my DSL would go up $9.00. I tried to sign on to verizon.com, but it wouldn't take my ID or password (and I was c&ping them from the file I originally typed them in), so I gave up and called. After 38 minutes on hold, I got a guy who first told me it had to be spam. Then I told him I was pretty sure the phone number listed was one of theirs and yes, it was. I let him look at my account and he said I could save $2 of that $9 by taking another year contract. I told him that was the thing -- if they increase the amount, I'll cancel and use the free dial-up, so they would lose all my internet (still have the phone line for dial-up). He said I should just wait and see. Maybe it wouldn't increase and I could continue, and if it did increase, I could decide then. That makes me think he didn't see a notice. We'll see.