June 18th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Lunch With The Family

I had a bad night and was awake a lot. It was a good thing I woke up at 10:13am because I'd meant to set the alarm for 10am and it was set for 11am! I didn't get a chance to run the electric sweeper (Lucila would normally have come yesterday, but I changed it to next week, where I now have an appt, so must change again), but at least I was ready and the cats had eaten breakfast.

We went to Red Robin, with my sister-in-law being her usual not-very-bright annoying-the-wait-staff self, but the food was good. I told the kids some stories about how Rick was born and Rick and I traded puns and jokes. I hope he has someone at work to do that with. The kids liked their presents, or at least said so. My nephew seemed very shy (first time I've seen him in eight years -- when they come up on Saturdays, he stays home because that's the only time he can play WoW) and my niece had to keep getting her barrette back from her mother.

After lunch, we came back here and I gave them a Peapod bag to handle the boxes from Red Robin and a bag with half the small watermelon that I didn't want more of. They'll go to "Dutch Country" today and Hershey Park tomorrow, then another half-day in Lancaster before heading back.

I sat down and skimmed today's WashPost so I sat 15 minutes and could take my BP -- a little low for this early, but I'm not arguing. Then I took the last DVD for Deadwood to the drive-by box at the post office and stopped for a small vanilla cone at Nathan's on the way home. Mmmmm.

I picked up mail on the way back in, and Social Security wants to know if I've worked since 6/06 and also if I'd seen a doctor or gotten prescriptions, etc. I printed out the pertinent columns of my database and attached the 10 pages to the form. It wouldn't fit in their envelope, so I put it in a large envelope and taped their envelope to the front, weighed it, added stamps, and will drop it off tomorrow.

The USAA Magazine I got yesterday had an interesting article on BoGolight. The BoGo is Buy One, Give One, and they're strong solar flashlight lanterns that can be charged all day and then will run four or five hours. They allow people in areas around the world without electricity to read at night without being exposed to kerosene. Buy one for yourself and they'll send one to one of the organizations they work with (or you can pick from one of theirs). I've got it marked for when I get my check. The guy who got the idea and brought it to fruition is a former diplomat who's seen a lot of poor and war-burdened areas.
20111112, Marilee

Deadwood, Season Three

This is the last season of a really great series. Deadwood is a real town in the west and we see it change from a batch of huts to something closer to a real town. There's a lot of violence, an obscenity every five words or so, and great plots and acting. There's supposed to be a movie, but I haven't heard more about it. I really liked this series, and if you can handle the language, I bet you will, too.