June 16th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Another Batch of Thunderstorms

Yes, and it started just as I was getting out of the van to go into the grocery, so I stayed in the van for a while. Then when I was on my way out, it was worse again. There wasn't any mail when I came home about 5pm, so when a mail guy came by about 6pm, I got Luke's key and drove down to get ours. (We don't have a permanent mailperson yet -- sometimes we get a temp and then the mail is usually here in early afternoon, but sometimes we get someone doing our route after theirs, and then it comes late.) I got an envelope from the IRS mentioning the economic stimulus so I got a deposit form out of the drawer only to find out when I opened the envelope that it's a letter telling me I'm getting $300 (I knew that) and that the check is due about the 20th (I knew that, too). And if the check hasn't come six weeks after this notice, then I should contact them. Sheesh.

My brother woke me up today; they're coming up Wednesday. He said he'd been thinking about visiting me and their trip to Lancaster and then Hershey as separate things and then realized they could visit me on the way up. I asked if they liked Thai, but got the answer I expected -- his Chinese wife and half-Chinese kids don't like Asian food -- so I'll give the coupon to a friend at bookgroup. We'll go to Red Robin, instead; it's the kind of place they like.