June 14th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

More Storms

It was dark when I got up and was dark most of the day. We had some nice thunderstorms with sirens following along. I went and got money for next week and had lunch at Tony's: steak and cheese with everything, fries, and iced tea. I came home and edited more of my friend's website. I hadn't really thought about how long it would take, although at least the newer pages don't have all the colors and materials capitalized.

Now it's dark because the night is coming and it's about time for me to close the windows and shades. Maybe I'll go out on the porch and have the next quarter of the watermelon first. I should take a break from the computer anyway.
20111112, Marilee

The Dragons of Springplace by Robert Reed

I'm finally reading from my to-read piles - I think it's been about a year where I've had other things I needed to read first. I have a number of Reed's books, but I've always liked his shorter works better and this is a collection of those. I read many of them in Asimov's but a number of the others are new to me. I can't pick a favorite -- they all have a sense of place, good characterization, and excellent plots. Several are in a particular universe where we get glimpses of the whole. I really enjoyed this and it's highly recommended.

Here's the ToC, courtesy ISFDB:

* 1 • The Dragons of Springplace • (1997) • novella by Robert Reed
* 39 • Waging Good • (1995) • novelette by Robert Reed
* 79 • To Church with Mr. Multhiford • (1997) • shortstory by Robert Reed
* 96 • Stride • (1994) • novelette by Robert Reed
* 129 • Chrysalis • (1996) • novella by Robert Reed
* 172 • The Utility Man • (1990) • shortstory by Robert Reed
* 187 • Guest of Honor • (1993) • novelette by Robert Reed
* 217 • Decency • (1996) • shortstory by Robert Reed
* 231 • The Remoras • (1994) • novelette by Robert Reed
* 262 • Aeon's Child • (1995) • novella by Robert Reed
* 302 • The Shape of Everything • (1994) • shortstory by Robert Reed