June 10th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Out Of the House!

The neuro nurse woke me up and I have an appointment on the 24th. She offered me one each of the next Fridays, but they were both 8:30am and I'd crash on the way. The guys finished the lining on the topping right before the storm struck and I went out after to get the van. Lost balance twice, but no falling. The topping squeaks under my shoes, like rubber. I took the copies of last year's taxes to the post office to mail out to the private disability people -- partly because I was so glad to be out and partly because the longer it takes to send them, the more they think you're trying to cheat them. It was much cooler outside, I could have the van windows down!

Shiva's excitement has been getting a bit over the top. Twice last night he grabbed Spirit and held her with his gums. He really scared her, and the second time I caught her and brought her to bed with me, since he can't hurt her there. (I don't think she was hurt -- no teeth to make holes -- but she had big wet areas of fur where his mouth was.) Today he's been attacking the wood grain in the laminate. I keep offering toys, but he's not very interested.

I just ate, so I don't know if I'm better yet or not. We'll see.