May 9th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Self-Caging Shiva

I got up, put on my bathrobe, prepared his meds, and got him with the towel. After he was done and I let him go, he jumped off the recliner headfirst into the wire mesh trash can by the recliner. While I was putting the foot down, I was trying not to laugh. He went around in circles a few times and then figured out his head should be up and jumped out just as I was reaching for the trash can. How embarrassing! He's still only eating the AD in a slurry and in the past, he's been on dry food by now. I'm glad we have the dental vet appointment.

My left eye was stuck together today and it was itchy again, so I flushed and I think it worked. I have a lot of goop in that eye, though, so I'm not putting the fountain together today. Too cool and dank outside, too.

The tornado hit the county to our southeast -- no dead, two hurt, about a hundred houses damaged, most because their roofs were lifted off. There's tested and tried bolting that will keep a roof on in a tornado/hurricane and adds less than $100 to a house. I can't believe people don't automatically build houses with that. The flooding is worse north of here, but is expected to spread as more of the water comes down the geography. There are lots of trees down all over the area.

I ordered Chinese food -- not only do I not feel like zapping something, my glands are swollen and my throat is sore. When I post this, I'm going to go put out more birdseed. I found a place online that sells hulled sunflower seeds 50 pounds for $84.93 with free shipping while the increase locally gave me 40 pounds for $73.59 (including tax) and that will save me five cents a pound. I'm going through two pounds a day right now, so that will be a big help.