May 6th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Shiva's Ulcers Are Back

He's been eating dry food and snackies that I give directly to him, but this morning he tried snackies and barked three times. I caught him in the towel and looked at his mouth -- the ulcers are back, but not as bad. I called the clinic and a vet was supposed to call me back, but I haven't heard yet. I just gave him about a third of a can of AD as a slurry and he liked that.

We had an earthquake today -- 1.8 -- and I slept through it. Oh well.

I went to vote for city elections today. I didn't vote for Mayor because the incumbent Republican is the only one running. I didn't vote for Council because the Republicans got together and put up only two people for the two slots and nobody else is running. I did vote for two of the five candidates for four slots on the School Board. I voted for one incumbent who seems to have sense, and I voted for someone who has worked for the Board. I specifically didn't vote for a guy who flooded me with brochures using the slogan "It's All For the Kids!" because I think it's for the teachers and other employees and buildings and school buses, too.