May 2nd, 2008

20111112, Marilee


I got to stay home today, the only day in the week, and apparently I turned off the alarm and slept a couple more hours to celebrate. It's 80F today so I put on my one summer-weight tie-dye top and, well, it's a good thing I'm staying home. The first piece of clothing that made obvious I was losing weight was my coat when I could overlap it four inches. Now I have a light-weight t-shirt with v-neck that shows excessive cleavage and large portions of bra when it's not falling off my shoulders. I think I can adjust the V a little higher so it won't do that, and then it will have a pleat in the front.

Shiva is still wary of me, although he doesn't get any more meds. I hope that will relax. Tomorrow I have to be up early to take the dead VCR to the electronic recycling at the transfer station.