April 29th, 2008

20111112, Marilee


It's actually colder than yesterday, but it feels warmer because of the sun. I went off to get more birdseed (this is getting much more expensive with the increase in the price of seed and having to get it more often) and stopped on the way back for souvlaki and onion rings.

When I got in the car to go out, in the car between the birdfeed store and Roma restaurant, and in the car on the way home, I felt like the left side of my face had globs of fat on it. Now, that's the side that's partially-paralyzed and I sometimes feel that side of my face is longer and I know that means I'm too tired or stressed and take a nap. I'm not sure what to think about feeling like it has globs of fat (it doesn't -- I looked in the mirror and felt with my hands), but my eyes are really hurting, too, even minutes after I put the drops in, so maybe I'll take a nap anyway.

It's nice enough to have the windows open, so Shiva is smelling out the kitchen window. Spirit is just curled up next to him.

I thought of the Changes idea for yesterday's post because of changes I'm making now that Giorgio is dead, and then I didn't put any in! For a few years I've put the pull cord for the kitchen blinds up on top of the fridge so he wouldn't eat it like he did the last two. I'm trying to train myself to leave it down now. I meant to get flowers at the store yesterday to see if Shiva eats them. Giorgio did and so there was no use in having them. I've moved some glass items back on top of a tall chest of drawers because the other cats never dash up there. But the hardest thing is the goodnight saying. For years I said "Time for ni-ni, Marilee and kitties ni-ni. Spirit and Giorgio, and Shiva and Marilee, everybody ni-ni!" I'm trying to make it more like triplets -- Spirit and Shiva and Marilee -- but sometimes I forget and then I cry. The cats don't seem to notice as much.