April 26th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Various Things

Shiva ate dry food last night and then, some time after I gave him the antibiotics this morning, he ate more dry food and snackies. Tomorrow, I feed them first and then give meds! I hope this works.

I took the book I'd started back to the library -- a partial review and explanation of why I didn't finish will come next. Then I had lunch at Tony's and I had one of the specials -- smoked salmon in a light cream sauce on farfalle with a salad and garlic bread. This is the kind of thing I used to cook for myself (without the garlic bread) and I really enjoyed it.

I forgot to say yesterday that all the summer pants I've been wearing have been big, but okay, until the second outfit I wore yesterday. That didn't come from MIB and they were fine in the house but as soon as I took a few steps with wallet in one pocket and phone and keys in the other, they kept sliding down. The problem is that the waist of the pants is about four inches below my waist, so there's not a lot to hold them up. I'm going to see if I can tuck the waist a bit and have the elastic still come over my hips. If not, maybe a drawstring.

Also yesterday, the vet was in a different direction than I usually go and I knew there was a SuperTarget just built, but I stopped in after picking up the food and paying the vet and drove down the line of other stores. None are open, but one is a TJ Maxx. But out in the parking lot? A Red Robin! The manager of the Fair Lakes store was wrong about where it would be. I parked and went in (nice fresh wood smell) and asked if anybody knew when it was opening, and they didn't, but one pointed out a giant RV in the parking lot with a giant sign about hiring for the restaurant. So I drove up, opened the door -- a sign said come right in, but I couldn't do that -- and I yelled hello and then asked for someone to come to the door. I told the woman I didn't want to work, I wanted to eat and when would they open? May 19th. So I may eat there that day. The advantage of having one closer is that I'll probably try something other than the pot roast "burger." The disadvantage is that I'll probably eat there more often.

And finally, a really good Tom Toles editorial cartoon about the housing situation.
20111112, Marilee

An Alchemy of Mind by Diane Ackerman -- only read 1/3 through

Yes, the same author as the last book, and entirely by accident. The Zookeeper's Wife was widely recommended and I went on the library queue at 48 a few months ago. An Alchemy of Mind had been read by the husband of a friend and he liked it and since I like reading about the mind, I put in a request for it (to get it to my library -- both copies were at the opposite ends of the county) and it came in a couple days after the other and I picked them up at the same time. I hadn't even realized they were the same author until I got into the car and I checked the back flap copy to be sure -- same picture.

This is a popular science book and I don't read a lot of those. It's divided into ways the brain/mind works and includes science (from 2004, since it was published in 2005) and anecdotes and allegories. My problems with it were 1) that I keep up with brain science so I actually knew more in some areas than the book included, and b) the anecdotes and allegories were all about her. I don't mind good first person and she writes it well, but the anecdotes and allegories all felt too personal. Too intimate. More than I wanted to know about her. And then she believes in ESP and that humans probably had telepathy earlier and most of us lost it.

I went to read it more last night and realized I wasn't looking forward to it, so I put it back and started on the current Asimov's. I'm clearly not the customer for this book, but others may be.