April 22nd, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Clean Birdfeeder

I hadn't filled it yesterday when it was almost empty because I knew it would be growing stuff from all the rain -- 3.5" over two days -- so I went out this morning and it was empty and the metal screen was green. I put it into the dishwasher. Lucila seemed surprised the dishwasher was going when she got here, and thought the feeder was new when I put it out during the end of her cleaning. We've had many guests since. There were four crows on the building across the street for a while which led me to see that gutter needs fixing. We also have a new birdsong (I haven't seen the bird) that I don't know. It goes wreeeEEEEETTTT wreeeEEEEETTTT (a seventh) chchchchchchchcchch. The chch is different lengths, but it always starts with the two wreeEEEETTTTs.

I didn't sleep right when she came so slept another couple hours after she left.

Shiva wouldn't even come into the kitchen this morning, so I just fed Spirit. I put what she didn't eat into the fridge and warmed it up after Lucila left, but only Spirit would eat it. I opened another pouch for Shiva, which he really wanted, but he wouldn't jump on the counter. Spirit, however, did. Food is a big prize for her. If he comes into the kitchen tomorrow morning, I'll try two dishes.

I mentioned that Lucila's husband was here looking at the laminate a week or so ago. Lucila told me that he'd had hardwood glued to the concrete slab. No moisture barrier. She didn't know enough to know that's a bad thing, but they'll regret that.