April 14th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Shiva's Bloodwork is Perfect!

:::whew::: And he not only pooped last night and today, but he eagerly finished my soup from last night (he likes the creamy versions). The vet called today and apologized for not calling when she said she would, but since his bloodwork is fine, it's just the mouth. I have to continue the med until we run out, and I need to report back to her on Wednesday or Thursday on what his mouth looks like. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to do that. He's stronger than I am and I can either hold him or open his mouth. I could use a gripping hand.

When I opened the living room shades today, we had squirrel acrobatics. One was sitting in the feeder eating, but two were on the porch scavaging. A fourth came and the three on the ground dashed around and made backflips and other fine entertainment.

I went to get groceries today and on the way in, there was a table with two middle-school girls advertising Giant's Triple Winner tickets -- they co-sponsor this with Johns Hopkins' Comprehensive Cancer Center and The Children's Cancer Foundation and usually a ticket is a dollar. The girls had a deal: two tickets, a soda, and a small bag of chips for $2. I told them I didn't want the soda and chips, but I'd give them two dollars -- my last two dollar coins, which they'd never seen before and I had to explain -- and take the tickets. At checkout, I got the cranky cashier (she wears latex gloves so she won't catch anything from the money) and she asked me if I wanted a ticket and I told her I'd already gotten two. She said "Those girls accosted you!" and I said "I read their sign on the way in and went over and gave them money, that's not accosting" and she said "Yes, they accosted you." I wonder what she'd think of the people who walk up to you and ask you to buy stuff.

The mail hadn't come by the time I came home and I didn't see the truck, but I don't think it's a holiday. After I got the groceries put away, I used a key to scrape off the plastic on the tickets. Each ticket has two parts -- one is instant win (money, product coupon, $5K) and the other has three things printed on it and if they're all the same, that's $10K. Both of my Triple Match were wrong and one Instant Win was a coupon for Paul Newman's Dressing (which I don't want), but the other was for $2 Cash, so I donated and didn't lose any money. I'll have to get more tickets next week, since I had really planned to donate.

I really need new winter pants. Part of the problem is that I've lost weight, although if that was the only problem, I'd just keep hiking them up. The big problem is that I've had most of them for about 10 years and they're splitting at all the edges -- hem, waist, pockets -- and I'm beginning to look grubby. (Some people assume all fat people are grubby regardless of their attire, but I'd rather have intact clothing anyway.) I found a local tailor who makes pants and I figured before I went and committed, I'd look through Stef's Supersize Clothing list again. I already buy most of my clothes from MIB, and I can keep buying tops there, but the new owner only makes pants in boring colors. I went through possibles and really didn't see much (a couple of tops I liked and marked, but I don't really need new tops) so I guess I'll be seeing the tailor in a month or so. It's a long list and hard to keep up, so I sent Stef a couple of changes from the pages I looked at. I spent way too much time on this, so I'll be up late tonight, but I don't have to go out tomorrow and I'll hook up the new DVD/VCR tomorrow, too.