April 1st, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Late Wakening

I spent a lot of time yesterday evening telling myself that I didn't really need a nap, but clearly I did because the alarm was off and it was 3pm when I woke up. Good thing I planned to stay home today!

I figured out one of the problems with Shiva -- he seems to think I'm chasing him when I carry the plate around. I tried warming the chicken today and that didn't work so I'm going to try two plates tomorrow -- one with both pouch stuff and chicken and one with just pouch stuff.

We have ants in the kitchen -- new mulch the end of last week and it always brings ants in. I put the ant bait thingie down; that usually works.

I hope to be done online early enough to read both an old Saturday and old Sunday WashPost tonight.
20111112, Marilee

Mirabile by Janet Kagen

I picked this for my memorial rereading. By the end of the book I was really sad that we won't have more stories from her.

This is a series of slightly-linked stories. They take place on a planet called Mirabile that's been settled by Earth colonists, but some of the animal embryo bank data was lost on the ship. Our protagonist is Annie Jason Masmajean -- all the colonists have their occupation as their middle name -- and she's the head Jason in her area. The Earth embryos have other animals hidden in their genes and may "chain up" to those. These are stories about what happens with both Earth stock and Mirabilan stock. There's also a wonderful family and love story.

Kagen was a biologist, and brings a very natural feeling to these unusual changes -- new animals and plants, interactions, and how they figure them out. Highly recommended.