March 31st, 2008

20111112, Marilee

The Gray Day

March seems to be happening backwards. We're going to have rain off and on this next week, too. We can use the rain, but it makes me hurt.

Tibetans have been demonstrating in front of the Chinese embassy in DC, but today, some of the Chinese folk were making rude gestures and laughing from the embassy windows and a few of the young protesters rushed the door and knocked down a barrier (the kind that looks like bike parking spots) so the police brought in buses to remove the protesters.

Shiva was even stranger this morning -- he was in the castle when I came out and when I went into the kitchen, he dashed down to the safe haven carrier. I just put the food down for Spirit and went to see if he'd come, but as soon as he knew I'd seen him in the carrier, he dashed to behind the recliner. He hasn't been nearly as active as usual the last two days -- hasn't been sitting on the computer for petting, hasn't asked for brushing -- he's just been sitting on the heating pad. I don't know if he's eaten anything at all today. I'm going to be home tomorrow, so I'll watch more carefully and will have to decide if I trust the current doctor or should ask the internal medicine folk for a recommendation.

I got groceries today and offered the cashier good luck for the union contract voting tomorrow. I'm washing cat blankies and expect a calm rest of the day.
20111112, Marilee

Minicon 43 Sunday

I got downstairs about 11:30 and left my stuff with Carol so I could make a quick tour of the dealer/art/science room. One vendor had some interesting cabs, but nothing I really needed. Then we set up with t-shirts and chapbooks. We had only sold one chapbook last year and none the year before so I'd told Keith and Matt beforehand that I didn't want to lose table space to them. No use, if we don't make money from them. But Matt suggested we drop the price of all to one or two dollars and I did sell three that way, so we'll do that next year and see if we sell more with the reduced prices.

We had people come register after Carol closed down and I collected a lot of pre-regs because the boxes had been moved to the consuite and people didn't want to walk that far. (Most of them looked like they walked better than I do.) We'll have to figure out something to do for that next year.

Steven came by to say goodbye -- he had to leave for the airport at 3pm -- and we talked a bit more. After I closed down -- sold enough t-shirts to pay for the order, which is always good -- I headed up toward the consuite to put my snack bowls back into consuite storage. I saw minnehaha K on the way and was able to give her back the remaining Minicon Volunteer ribbons. I had a brief chance to talk to dlacey in the bar as she was cleaning up. I rarely get to the consuite once the con actually starts and she spends most of her time there, so we don't get to talk as much as I'd like. Then I headed back around the balcony & corridors toward the elevator and planned to sit and rest on the piano bench (there are pianos in both corners of one side of the balcony), but the piano had been moved so I couldn't get to it. I probably should have just gone down the elevator into the bar for dinner, but instead went on and sat in Carol's abandoned chair for a bit.

Then I went to the elevator and down to the bar for dinner. I had an excellent meal, saw Keith and Andra pass by and waved, and then went up to the room to take everything but my crocheting out of the bag. And kleenex. I only had two nosebleeds this year, but my eyes were much dryer than usual. I then headed down to the closing ceremonies. I sat in the back so I could turn a chair sideways and put my feet up, and started crocheting. (Ben took a panoramic picture right over my shoulder.) There's always balloon throwing and punching up beforehand, that makes everybody laugh. Then we had a slightly inverted program since Shawna McCarthy had to leave to get her plane. As usual, the Minicon president was killed (by the Ihinger/Kerr girls via karate) and then a bad play was called and Lydy was resurrected to be president again this year. The con officially closed, but many people spent the night talking and drinking up in the bar. I went to the room and put my feet up and read more old WashPosts.
20111112, Marilee

A Letter From My Cousin's Daughter

A few weeks ago I asked for folks to vote for my cousin's daughter, Nawwal, in a scholarship competition. Her princess-type opponent won, although Nawi got a lot of votes. She sent a letter to those who voted for her:

Hi guys!

I know its taken me a while to write this, but I wanted to send a thank you to everyone who voted for me at It was such an affirming experience... I realized the depths in which I am cared for. Seeing so many people go to bat for me was worth more than the money, and I mean it.

To friends of friends, and those of you I don't know, I am so overwhelmed by your support! I wish I could meet every single one of you and thank you individually. You all are incredible. It looks like I will attend either Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine, or Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. If any of you are near those cities, let me know!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I hope I can return the favor to you.