March 28th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

More Birdseed, Seedbead, and Catfeed

I had a painful night and didn't get up until late so it was well into the afternoon that I headed out to the other end of the county for birdseed. The company that makes it has changed the bag size from 25 pounds to 20 pounds without changing the price. I went ahead and got two bags since I was sure 40 pounds would fit in my metal container, but I may have to look for cheaper options. On the way back, I stopped at Roma restaurant and had souvlaki and onion rings -- wouldn't hurt me not to eat there again, either!

The beads I bought at Sandi's Saint Paul store on Monday arrived today and I spent some time logging them into my beadbase and then put them in the workroom to put away later. I also went out on the porch just before dusk and glued a blue & purple dichroic cabochon to a badge holder with E6000 and for the first time ever, didn't get any E6000 on me! I'm going to bead around it to give to auction for the Boy Scouts.

I know, me giving to the Boy Scouts? Well, one of the couples in my bookgroup has a son in Boy Scouts and I'm quite fond of him. His group's dinner and auction fundraiser is the same night as our bookgroup in May and we agreed to eat there after group. I asked his mom if they'd like jewelry to auction and she seemed quite happy about it. I already have something strung and I've started on a ponytail holder. It and the badge holder are minor things and then if I think I have time considering my BFAC project, I'll weave a necklace or bracelet, too.

Shiva was annoyed a lot last night, too, and I decided that I should try two plates again, since he's staying in the castle when I come out to feed them. I put Spirit's plate on the floor in the kitchen and she lit into it and I took Shiva's to the entry in front of the castle. As soon as she heard him eating, she dashed over to see what he had. I positioned myself and scolded her back into the kitchen. When they were both mostly done, I put out snackies which they both ate, and then they went and finished each other's plates. If this continues to work, I guess the dishwasher will run more often.
20111112, Marilee

The Clan Corporate by Charles Stross

This is the third book in the Merchant Princes Saga (I've probably got the word arrangement wrong). Here are my reviews of The Family Trade and Hidden Family.

Miriam feels trapped and does something really stupid, which makes her really trapped. A prisoner, in fact, in world one. The other plot line happens in world two, our world, where an FBI agent, who happens to know Miriam, catches Matthias the traitor. Matthias planned on Witness Protection, not being turned over to the NSA. Most of the excitement occurs with Matthias and our FBI agent Matt in this book where we see just what levels of torture and mistreatment our government will go to. Back with Miriam, she learns she is to either marry the King's idiot son or her mother will be killed. Nice blackmail. She tries to figure out what to do when things do themselves, quite explosively. Another book where I kept wanting to read more than my eyes would stay open. Highly recommended.
20111112, Marilee

Minicon 43 Thursday

I'd heard at the work party that nobody was planning on being in until 2pm, so I slept until noon again, got something to eat, and went up to the suite a few minutes before 2pm. I waited about half an hour (working on the crochet I took) then I went to lean on the balcony over the indoor pool and open area. The pool was green. When I looked Wednesday night, just to make sure everything was still there, the pool was blue. We found out later that they combined some chemicals that turned the water green, but it was still safe to use.

I decided to go crochet in the lobby and see if people were coming in and out and as I was almost there, I ran into one of the co-chairs, Keith. He had just picked Alastair Reynolds up at the station and he had no con suite keys. Al came down the hallway just then and I introduced myself to him. He and Keith went off one direction and I sat down in one of a set of four chairs to crochet and wait. Then the other co-chair, Matt-who-does-not-speak-in-public, and his wife Kelly came in and they didn't have keys either, so they sat down and we talked a bit. We had the truck, but no use unloading until there's a place to put stuff. Then Keith showed up again -- turned out he and Al and Shawna McCarthy, the editor GoH, were in the bar, and I think Keith meant to invite just Matt & Kelly in, but I went along. Keith's wife Andra was there and we all talked a bit (Al is a trainfan, too -- he'd flown into Chicago and trained down) and then Keith had keys made for the con suite and the non-GoHs went up.

I assumed my standard Thursday afternoon position -- anchoring the con suite so it doesn't have to be locked in between trips, and telling people who could help to go do so while talking to the folks who can't. It took a while to get everything in and then the con suite head showed up with the original keys. They'd been to lunch and Costco. Lots of Costco. After unloading, people settled down with work, talk, or play (I'd been crocheting), and I was asked to play Zar. I'd played Uno many years ago and this was similar. I didn't do very well, but Callie said I didn't make the two beginner mistakes (then again, Kelly coached me through the first couple of hands).

We started thinking about dinner and ended up with 10 of us going for dim sum (eleven, but she had dim sum and hot pot after her mother metabolized it). Once there, some had dim sum and some had hot pot. We needed better manners about when to turn the big glass turntable. It was very good but when we got back, I needed to put my feet up and rest for the con start and went up to my room. I read some more old WashPosts with my feet up and then went to bed.

I forgot to say that this bathroom had a transfer bench while the non-Club level bathrooms had had just benches in in the tub other years. I can stand once I'm in, it's the stepping over the tub edge and not falling that's a problem. A transfer bench is great for sitting while getting into the tub (I have one here at home in the storeroom for when I need to use the guest bathroom's tub). I really hope they upgraded all the handicapped bathrooms and not just the Club level!