March 17th, 2008

20111112, Marilee


I did lots of errands today and will pack tomorrow. I have a long list of things to do and things to take with me to Minicon.

Last night, I got offline early enough to not only do my taxes (both fed and state tax are negative -- don't you think they should pay me?) but to do my paperwork for not paying property tax (I'm disabled, don't make much money, don't own much -- the city has a program for people like me and similar for seniors) so my first stop today was to have my paperwork notarized at City Hall and turn it in to the Commissioner of Revenue's office. Then I stopped by the credit union and got two rolls of dollar coins to use as tips during my travel. As long as I was going, I put all the coins in the bowl by the door into a ziplock and had the clerk put it through the machine and that actually almost paid for the dollar coins.

Then I went to the post office and put in a hold on my mail while I'm gone and mailed the tax forms. On to get groceries and I was disappointed that something they theoretically had on sale, that I like, they don't even have on the shelf! My flier is for three stores, so I suppose I could try one of the other stores, but it's probably not worth it. I picked up the mail on the way in, and there was a box from one of my bead friends. I had offered her some microbeads (I swapped someone else for them back when I could see better) and she insisted on swapping, so she sent me some great blue and purple beads, plus a blue stuffed Peep, a doll display, and a bunny-ear Kit-Kat (which is already gone).

I'm washing and drying cat blankies, have brought in the suitcase and carry-on, and have started gathering things. A few errands tomorrow and then gathering and packing in earnest.

There's a site that links students to colleges and they're running an elimination contest for a $20K scholarship. My cousin's daughter has made the finals and we'd really appreciate it if any of you were motivated to vote for her:

She's in the North tab and her name is Nawwal Moustafa. Nawi's really big on community service and sports.