March 11th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Feeding Cats

After yesterday's excitement, I put all the food on one dish and Shiva kept jumping up on the cat part of the counter to supervise. I put the dish down on the floor and Shiva headed right for it, and got a good start before Spirit got there. But then she shoved her little self in and he went for the castle. I let her eat a little more and then took the dish and put it on the ledge in front of the castle. He got most of what was left before she showed up to finish it off.

Spirit stopped jumping down from the roof of the castle a while back -- she comes down via the back of the recliner and the chair arm (or me, if I'm there) and today she's started coming down from the castle via the little ladder. It's at an angle and she reaches down with one foot and brings the other front foot down and then her back feet to the one she just left. If she's not seeing well enough to jump from about 32", she's definitely getting worse.

As usual, I slept while Lucila cleaned, and when she left, my evil stepmother called. She was fairly nice in the beginning and said she never knew why Dad and I had so many problems, so I told her. She said that when they were newly married, she "ran away" a few times and after that, he got nicer. We talked about my stepsister's move and so forth, and then she started in on me for things I'd complained about when they got married 25 years ago. And yes, I do still think pink dotted swiss is a bit childish for a 17-year-old. I still think they got married too soon. They clearly managed to work it out -- but she "ran away" and they haven't slept in the same room for the last 10 years or so. I still think her getting rid of my stuff is bad.

So I'm not going to the funeral or the interment (4/9) -- I'd always planned not to go to the funeral, but she thought I shouldn't come to the interment, either. Dad and Mother's grave is at the top of a steep grassy hill, anyway, and even with help, I might fall down it.