March 6th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Fall Down Go Boom

I'm writing this now because I may be too achy to type and sit up tomorrow.

I was just getting ready to go to bed about 3am when I heard the papers come. Usually Luke is up before me and gets the papers and leaves mine at my door. I thought I'd do it for him and went outside. The papers were on the ramp and I picked one up okay, but when I was bending for the other, I fell. It's a short ramp, just a step-worth, and I fell off to the side on the grass, primarily landing on my butt. I did hit my right hand and scrape part of my palm on the concrete stoop and it was bleeding like crazy. I muttered and said "damn." I'm really bad at cursing. I managed to sort of roll up onto the stoop, throw one paper at the bottom of Luke's door, and then scoot up to where I could reach the doorknob.

I threw the paper in first and then while I was scooting in (the laminate was an excellent idea -- once I was in the door, I could scoot very easily to a chair to pull up on), Shiva bounced out over me. Once I was up, and had a hankie wrapped around my hand, I tried going out to call, but I'm not very stable (no brain injury, just from falling), and when he did come close, he was scared of me (he knows he's not supposed to go out). So I put the shades up on the sliding glass door and went out and tried sitting in the chair on the porch, but he was still afraid.

I came in to call Advice (partly to document the fall and partly to make sure I could just treat this scrape like a little one) and shut the sliding glass door, but left the shades up. About 10 minutes in to talking with the Advice nurse (they talk to you a while to make sure you don't have a head injury -- have to describe things three or four different times), he came to the sliding glass door and I went to open it and he stepped away, so I backed off and he jumped back in. I shut the door and sat back down to finish with the Advice nurse. I kept assuring her that I was able to recognize broken bones, that I will be very achy in the morning, that I just needed to know about the dressing. I can just make sure it's clean and put generic Neosporin on and dress it. I'm going to go take night meds and some Tylenol with codeine and go to bed. I'll call them again if there's any problem.

Don't worry if I'm not online tomorrow.
20111112, Marilee

Up and Moving

I slept 11 hours -- six in bed and then five in the recliner because I didn't want Luke to worry about the shades being shut. I have a minor sprain in my right wrist and the scrape has to be redressed every time I wash my hands. I don't have OCD, but I do that often enough that the dressings are taking some time. I'm not as achy as I thought, although my back is starting to hurt from sitting up. I may take a break and watch New Amsterdam in the recliner.

I had planned to stay home today and tomorrow, but I'm not going to do some of the things I'd planned. If I can't do the chicken prep for the cats by Saturday morning, I'll freeze it and do it next week. Good news -- I got mail back from Social Security where they tell me it's been determined I'm still disabled. And an interesting part of it is the amount you can make and still be disabled -- this year, $960/month -- as long as you don't work more than 80 hours a month. Which means I should think harder about something I can do when I'm 65 and the private disability is gone.

So I expect to be online tomorrow, and maybe with fewer breaks. Shiva was very loving in bed last night -- he knew he was wrong and wanted to convince me he loved me. I got far enough with my BFAC project last night to project that I needed four more tubes of one bead and I ordered that today. I don't know if I'll be able to bead tonight or not. You're supposed to keep moving the joint when you have a sprain, but it might hurt too much.