March 3rd, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Squeak! Squeak!

Last night, I was in the workroom, packing some stuff to mail, and I decided to give the cats another toy from my friend Doris (she sent me a big box of toys, cat treats, and beads after Giorgio died). I picked one that looked like a big bumblebee and squeaks when it's moved. I took it out of the package, pulled the strip that kept the contacts apart, and shook it. No noise. Well, I figured it was still a cute catnip toy, so when I left the workroom, I took it down to the cats who snuffled at it and went back to sleep on the bed.

As I was taking my night meds, a couple hours later, I heard Squeak! Squeak! from the bed. Spirit was moving the bumblebee, stopping when it made a noise, then moving it, etc. So something happened that put the contacts together. She and Shiva both played with it while I was reading in bed and after I turned the light off and rolled over, I set it off! So it's now a floor toy, and the cats still like it.

Today I mailed the stuff I packed and got groceries. Bird's Eye has a cheaper version of the Bertolli pasta/sauce/protein and it was on sale, so I got two to try. The interesting part is that the Bertolli bags have more stuff in them and claim 2 portions while the smaller Bird's Eye bags claim 2.5 portions. Still within a day's protein, though. Boneless skinless chicken thighs were on sale, too, and I plan to cook those for the cats tomorrow. I'd planned to stay home tomorrow but I'm going to have to pop out for gas. The gauge is between half-full and quarter-full and I usually fill at half. I'd just do it later this week, but I have a long drive to and from Burke on Wednesday to see the nephrologist. It's not that far as the crow flies, but the car has to cross the Occoquan, and there's only a few bridges. The good part is that there's an Anita's in Burke -- ours closed and they're a good New Mexican restaurant.

Now for washing cat blankies!