February 28th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Sittin' in the Pharmacy, Watching the World Go By

Well, that's what it felt like. I used the last phenobarb last night. When I checked for it last Thursday, since I normally would have had it two weeks ago, they said it was packed and ready to ship. I got the mail on the way out today, and no meds. I had to wait for it to be refilled there (and according to the clerk, I wasn't the only one) and it took longer since phenobarb is controlled and the pharmacy didn't have the paperwork, the mail order pharmacy did. I had them check my Celexa while I was there and it shows shipped. I figured if it doesn't come by Monday, when I run out, I can go sit again. I'm also annoyed that it costs me $5 more to pick up a refill at the pharmacy than to get it in the mail and it's not my fault I have to pick it up there.

At least I got most of an old newspaper read. And I had an interesting conversation with a four-year-old. He was playing he couldn't move his leg and I said I had that happen for real. He asked how I walked then and I told him I used a walker. He asked if the right leg worked, and when I said "yes," he seemed satisfied.

I had to come straight home because Peapod could come as early as 4:30pm. They've only done that once -- one of the regular drivers said he was so close to me it was silly not to stop and deliver here first even though my delivery was scheduled later -- but I still need to be here. They're not here yet.

I've done laundry and have a lot of hankies to fold. I really hope to stay home tomorrow.