February 27th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Winds, Errands, and a Dream

It was so windy today that you had to watch car doors to keep them from amputating your leg. The birdfeeder was swinging wildly on its line and the evergreen at the corner of the building was rubbing the building so hard, you'd think it was working through the siding.

After mentioning ABC in yesterday's post, and linking to the Amazon page, I scrolled down and read the Amazon reviews. They all agreed with me. The newspaper reviews were big on discovering alphabets and what they meant, but the book is big on telling every single thought that went through the protagonist's head. I gave it another chapter last night, and that was it.

I took recycling out, took the book back to the library and picked up the new one they had on hold for me -- Uncommon Reader, fiction about what might happen if Queen Elizabeth took to the library -- and then mailed stuff. Now that I have new glasses, the recent glasses are the backup and the old backups went off to the Lions Club for their recycling program. I don't know how likely it is they'll find someone as blind as I am, but maybe there'll be someone close.

I don't want the fresh Greek Salad stuff to get weird, so I may try chunking cucumbers and bisecting grape tomatoes in the recliner tonight.

I had a very odd dream last night. I was with my father in a place sort of like a seaside carnival -- lots of music, neon, excitement -- but instead of rides, people were watching other people being hurt and tortured. It made me sick. I kept trying to find a way out but it was sort of endless and there were steward-like people who would insist you turn back in. Then I remembered I had the plane tickets and maybe I could change the ticket to go back home sooner. It was when I was on a payphone -- nothing obvious about it -- that I realized that I was in my father's view of heaven and he was trying to convince me how wonderful it was. That's when I made myself wake up.