February 21st, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Sometimes You Need the Rainbow

The sky was blue this morning and the temperature cold. I went to get my haircut first, and she did a good job. Then I went to Kaiser where both the line to pick up meds and the line to check in were longer than I've ever seen them. I had to wait to check in for 10 minutes, and then another 15 minutes before a pharmacist was free to see me. The new pharmacy software (and new procedures and process) have really hit them hard. I showed the pharmacist the box for my steroid inhaler and told her that my side of the Kaiser software had said the mail order pharmacy was refilling it for a week and I would run out tomorrow. She looked it up and they have it filled and packed, but it wouldn't be here by Saturday, so she put in a refill for it there. I'll just use one and then the other. I asked about the mail order phenobarb and she said it was filled but not packed, but that's okay because I have four more days of that. I'm okay with the other meds.

So I went to get labs and since I'd had so much trouble getting them to do all the right standing orders, I'd made a file with the list of all my standing orders and printed off a copy to take. I hope that worked. After that, I went back to the pharmacy waiting room and waited about an hour. Some of the supervisors were helping people as they came in and I talked to them -- all the pharmacies are far behind and the one in Largo had 60 people in line! I'd taken an old WashPost so I had something to do. Finally my name was up on the screen and then I had to stand in line another 20 minutes. This is one of the reasons I usually get meds mail order. Even when things work right, I have to stand up too long.

The supervisors told me we're going to have a big new "green" building for the clinic in a year, about two blocks away. I'm going to call Customer Service and see if I can get them to not put brick at the entryway.

When I left Kaiser, I stopped at the PetSmart in the same shopping center to get wet food for the kitties. When I came out, the sky was gray and it was even colder. We're to have "wintry mix" tonight and tomorrow but it may clear for Saturday.

But when I got home, things brightened up -- many packages had come: My BFAC kit for this year (can't say anything, I know other BFACers read here and they don't get to know until they get their kit), books, Spirit's teddy bear, and her alligator. I took the alligator out of the box, threw it at her, and she sniffed it a few seconds and then started play-disembowelling it. That's my girl!

I'll sleep with the teddy tonight so it doesn't smell strange.