February 13th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Ashes to Ashes

I picked up Giorgio's ashes today. The IM vet hospital had also printed out "Rainbow Bridge" on a piece of paper with a rainbow and a paw stamp. Then when I got home, I had a card from them, with a note from everybody who worked with him and I started crying again. They'd had my one-kitty carrier, and I brought it home and Spirit and Shiva looked it over. Spirit looked in every hole to make sure Giorgio wasn't there. Then they both went down to the bedroom and have been sitting together on the bed. Not cuddling, but touching, so maybe Spirit may not need a teddy bear. I bookmarked one that's washable, just in case. It's meant for kids with dust allergies, but in this case, I'm the one with the allergy.

The box the ashes are in is from the same company but smaller. I wonder if they used to use human-size boxes for the pets and went to a smaller one. I may ask to trade, or something, since the older boxes are pretty big. (The crematory does both humans and pets -- the pets in batches or individual and I always pay for individual.)
20111112, Marilee

Depressed Nature

We had continuing sleet and freezing rain overnight but by the time I got up, the streets, sidewalks, and my ramp were just wet. The trees and bushes were bowed down and sad, their tears frozen. The grass spiked its anger with icy blades. Everything that could have icicles, did. I got the recycling and post office stuff out to the van and the recycling in the back, but I didn't sit down because there was ice on the step bumper. I took the newspapers to our recycling and then stopped at Captain D's for, yes, fried fish, french fries, and fried okra. Plus iced tea. I have this about once a month and I think that's fair. They've watched me turn sideways to stand up so often that they always bring me my tray.

I headed for Public Works and put my cardboard box full of deconstructed cardboard boxes in their dumpster and then headed for the post office. There was a looong line, and since I was shipping an SFBC exclusive anthology to Australia, I couldn't use the machine. I did talk three people in front of me into using the machine, which shortened the line some. There were two clerks when I came in and they were both dealing with complicated stuff. By the time I got to the waiting counter, two more clerks and Tony, the guy who is supposed to be luring people to the machine, came out, and things moved quicker. While I was in line, my phone rang and the IM vet told me Giorgio's ashes had come. When I finished at the post office, I went to get the ashes and settle up and get my one-kitty carrier, too.

As I came home, nature had recovered -- the trees and bushes were standing up again, stretching to the clearing sky. The grass was waving in the wind. Roads will freeze again tonight, but nature should be okay.
20111112, Marilee

Manassas Politics

More posts than usual, but rather different subjects.

Manassas is a conservative Virginia city with 36K population and 24K eligible to vote. Today's WashPost gave actual numbers for the primary -- about 5000 total voting with about 3500 voting Democratic (57% Obama, 42% Clinton) and about 1500 voting Republican (50% McCain, 38% Huckabee, 5% Paul).

Virginia allows anybody to vote in any primary, but only one primary, so my guess is that some Republicans voted for Obama, thinking he's less likely to win against McCain. Our city has no Democratic elected officials, but we do have one Independent.

All three locales in the Chesapeake Primary -- VA, MD, DC -- went for Obama and McCain and with the Democrats, VA and MD were about 2 Obama to 1 Clinton with DC about 3 Obama to 1 Clinton. For the Republicans, McCain and Huckabee were much closer in VA and MD, but McCain took 67% in DC (which only has about 5K Republicans).