February 11th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Blowin' In The Fire

Apparently yesterday's winds spread wildfires all over western Virginia and North Carolina. The governor has called a state emergency and the National Guard is helping. The usual trees down, hurting houses and cars, but a very old black church in DC almost had their steeple fall off. Firefighters tied it down yesterday and metalworkers came to fix the over 100-year-old steeple today.

I read two WashPosts last night -- back on catching up -- and there was a letter to the editor in one where the person clearly didn't understand what cloning means. I think I'll try these little buttons and see if they work: Letter. Hmmm, you have to have had the URL in your clipboard. I think I'd rather continue html by hand.

Spirit sat with me again while I read in bed last night, and she curled up to my back or stomach (I roll over during the night) most of the night. Today, she's mostly been sitting with Shiva and complaining when she isn't.

I got groceries today, including more boneless skinless chicken thighs, but I'll cook those tomorrow. I'm washing cat blankies now. I talked to Luke, he wants to vote in the primary tomorrow so we'll go after Lucila finishes cleaning.