February 10th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Blowin' In The Wind

We had 50mph gales today -- when I went out and got my paper, I rescued Luke's outside mat from the holly tree. I feel a little wavery today, too.

I slept 10 hours, with Spirit only insisting I get up the last one. She sat next to me while I read last night and kept trying to groom my hand, but her idea of grooming is biting to get the ticks or whatever and after she'd broken my skin twice, I had to stop her. She and Giorgio used to sit and groom each other at the same time -- it was hard to figure out how it worked, but they'd both be working on the other's head. During the night, she and Shiva slept on opposite sides of my feet again.

I'm working on changing the sheets, and Spirit loves the part where there's just a sheet on the bed. She rolls over on her back and wants her tummy scratched, and grabs her tail and licks the end, and play-disembowls my hand. She and Shiva have been sharing the heating pad a lot today, but they're not cuddled together.

I'm not crying as much, I think it's time to go back to hankies and put the kleenex back in the closet for colds.

We vote on Tuesday and the local NBC News is calling it the Chesapeake Primary (VA, MD, DC), the WashPost is calling it the Potomac Primary, and NBC Nightly News is calling it the Chesapeake Primary but isn't including DC.