February 8th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Friday's Visit With Giorgio

He was more alert today, had more of the piercing shrill in his complaints, and didn't want to be held, which is like it is at home. He jumped up and down off the bench in the exam room three times, and kept walking to the door and asking me to open it. He finally settled down on my coat. He wouldn't even look at the catnip (although the general vet, Kent, thinks it's a great idea and had me leave it) and wouldn't eat anything else. The labs are still crap and we don't have the urine infection/sensitivity back yet. Kent talked to me about what to do over the weekend -- the IM vet closes and the emergency hospital next door opens. I can have them move him over there (but it's expensive, about $500 a day), take him home and let him die, or have him put down. I quickly decided to pay a bit more money until we have the results back.

I need a nap.