February 7th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Visit With Giorgio

Spirit ran around today looking for Giorgio. Shiva doesn't seem to care, but Giorgio was mean to him.

I had lots of errands today so took the trash and recycling out before I went to the internal medicine hospital and spent an hour with Giorgio. He still hadn't been eating and I asked if they'd bring a bit so I could try, but he wouldn't. He lapped up some water and then drooled on me. He purred and rubbed his face on me, and decided to sit on my coat. When blood started coming up the line, I called for the tech to take him and hook him up again. She suggested I bring food he likes from home. I took the mixed paper to the transfer station, had my usual brief lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, and mailed things at the post office (Kip, another package -- the binoculars -- which can be opened when it comes). Then I came home, gathered snackies and a tupperware of diced chicken thighs, and took those back.

An hour or so ago I heard from the IM vet -- his labs haven't changed very much. She says they think he might have a urinary infection (but the tests won't come back for three days) and if that's the immediate cause of this falling apart, he might live and be treatable. In the meantime, they're continuing the IV and med therapy and will try to make him eat. I'll try to see him tomorrow, too.