February 4th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Giorgio Eating Less Today, plus Odd Happening

He's had water, he's used the litterbox for both types of output, and he ate three snackies, but he wouldn't go for the baby food today. I tried whirling the leftover packet stuff from the other two and he didn't want that. On the other hand, he's moving around okay, jumps on and off accurately, even trotted briefly to the snackies. The vet is due about 3:30pm tomorrow -- she has a big surgery earlier in the afternoon -- and I'll keep watching him, but I think we'll be okay waiting. The vet ER she recommended is only open nights, weekends, and holidays.

Remember my telling you about the management company guy who stole from all those homeowner organizations? And that we found out he'd stolen from us, which I thought was impossible because we have so little money (got it back from insurance)? Well, the guy who shot three people, including a police officer, on Saturday night was the management guy. I wonder if he's going for an insanity plea.