January 26th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Errands and Food

I took some trash out today and then went on to the Post Office to mail the envelope to the Virginia Tax people to prove they cashed that check. Then on to the ATM for next week's money and then to Tony's. Parking was tight in front and I ended up facing a car that had had the front seats covered with those stretchy covers. Usually when someone recovers the seats, they put in matching covers. Now these were both black and white, but the driver's seat was a maltese cross with flames behind it and the passenger seat was floral. Clearly there was a divide on appropriate seat covers.

I had a broccoli calzone and iced tea which was very good. I ended up talking to a brother and sister sitting next to me -- they'd been talking about raising money for pet rescue and at one point she said if he wanted more to drink, he could just finish hers. He said "You kiss your dogs! I'm not drinking that!" She got up and went up to get him more drink and I told him "My cats kiss me." We talked a bit and he offered to swap me his sister and I told him I didn't really have anybody to swap and when she came back, we talked about rescuing cats for a while before they left and I finished.

When I got home, I took the propaganda buttons off my coat and emptied the pockets and put it in the wash. Even if I'd known the "sueded finish" would pick up lots of little white fuzz, I probably still would have bought it because it was the best choice I could find in my size. I already lost three pounds for this January, so if this keeps up, maybe I'll have a better choice of coats when I need to buy another next winter. I haven't had to have new coats every year since I was a kid.