January 16th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

In Better Toen

About 90 minutes after my post yesterday, I got so sleepy I napped in the recliner for four hours. The joys of codeine. I got up and finished up LJ and read Making Light and then watched the two shows I'd taped and got some beading done. No newspaper reading, no book reading (I'm a day ahead so that's okay). I was in a lot of pain again when I went to bed at 6am and took more codeine.

I got up at 1pm when the alarm went off, and started comparing my foot to buckets. I don't have a lot of buckets and I have a long foot. I finally found a rectangular one I hadn't used in a while so I had to tow a chair into the guest bathroom so I could wash the bucket. Then I took the dressing off and soaked my foot in Epsom salt solution. Once I had the dressing off, it didn't hurt to walk, although it's still tender to touch. The instruction sheet says to soak twice a day for one to three weeks; I hope one week will be okay. I'm not very good at sitting still and not doing anything. I only managed to stay up a little longer and then napped for two hours.

I was going to take out recycling today, but clearly didn't. I might have planned for tomorrow, but it's going to snow and then rain, so maybe I'll do it on Friday.