January 15th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

The Toes Have It!

And now it's gone. I started having a lot of pain and swelling in my left fourth toe last night and this morning called Kaiser Advice. No fever, no streaks, but I do know how whatever this was happened -- last week I felt a point on the corner of that toenail and usually I get the scissors and take them off that way, but this time, noooo, I scrabbled at it and took a bit of adjacent flesh with it. It looked healed and fine until last night.

The Advice Nurse was sure it was infected and arranged for me to have an Urgent appt with a podiatrist. Fortunately, the appt was at a time where I could leave right when Lucilla finished, so the house could still be cleaned. While she was cleaning, right before I went to sleep in the recliner, we had a little blizzard! We were supposed to have flurries today, but this was about a quarter-inch in 20 minutes. Lots of accidents because it was a white-out. I'm thinking I've got an urgent appointment and I might have to call and cancel!

I woke up as Lucilla was finishing and the snow on the sidewalk between my ramp and the van had melted, so I swept the snow off the ramp and went to put on shoes. I got to the appointment about 15 minutes early and was taken in right away. I had a podiatry resident, a nice young woman, and she informed me that when the nail grew back, it grew in. An ingrown nail. She was very conscientious, giving me the alternatives and I interrupted and said the best thing is to excise that bit of the nail, right? She said right and told me how that would work and I said okay. So I got a couple of pain shots at the base of the toe and she started cutting. She got pus out, but she said she'd never seen such granular pus before, and I completely forgot to ask her about sending it to Path, because if it was little uric acid crystals, the rheumatologist would like to know. She wrapped it up and gave me an instruction sheet and I see her next week. We managed to set the appt right after the optometrist I'm seeing in the same clinic on Thursday.

So, I hadn't planned to go to the grocery because I had this appt, but on the other hand, I had to get Epson salts and the toe was numb, so I went ahead and got groceries and the salts. I came home and was online a bit and then it was time to go to the condo board meeting. I debated because I was starting to know there was a toe there again, but I really wanted to stand up for a concrete ramp, so I went. It went pretty well, except for one young woman who kept telling us how awful the renters above her were, even when the owner, who was in the meeting, told her they weren't renewing their lease and they'd be out 2/20. The board had approved my concrete ramp! YAAAAAY! The new management company hadn't gotten the plans from the old management company, so I need to send those.

I also volunteered to work on a newsletter that could go out with the statements. And I very carefully said I would consider going on the board. The new management people clearly know what they're doing. They know laws, they know how to get bids and evaluate them, and they know how to handle problems. It would be a lot less work than before now that we have competent management.

Now I'm going to take some codeine, so I can't be responsible for my typing or words for the rest of the night.