January 10th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Temporary Loss of Usenet, Errands, Two News Bits

Well, I just keep getting behinder and behinder and I've decided to let Usenet go for a couple of weeks, maybe a little more. It turns out that, in general, it takes me the same time to read the parts of Usenet I read, read LJ, and read Making Light. I think Usenet is the least continuous and that's why I'm going to let it go.

I took the trash and recycling out and went to get dry food and packet food for the cats. I always walk by and talk to the cats they show for the Orange County Rescue Society and they had two two-year-olds, bonded, so halfprice since you had to take both. Just what I'd been thinking I'd get when I had the money. But I don't have the money and their paper said "Indoor/Outdoor!" and my cats are all indoor.

I had the:


button on today (plus a button with a dove with the words PEACE and JUSTICE) and the checkout guy commented on the button and said he wouldn't dare wear one to school because he goes to a really conservative school. I wish I'd thought to give him Making Light's URL. I told him about marching on the Pentagon and that I'd been a liberal for a really long time.

I had lunch at Red Lobster and had the Asian Garlic Salmon. The salmon was fine, but there wasn't enough garlic. The only place I ever get enough garlic is Tony's. I had them package the apple crumble so I could bring it home and I just had it. The crumble was not so good, but the ice cream and caramel was.

The WashPost had an article talking about the new http://usaspending.gov/ where we can find out where and how much money is being spent by the feds.

And another article follows the actual spending of military & vet charities on the soldiers & vets. Here's the list and how the charities ranked.