January 8th, 2008

20111112, Marilee


The alarm went off at 1pm and I turned it off and dangled on the side of the bed for a bit and then tried to get up. Four times. I was still really sleepy so I angled back into bed and slept until 3pm. That time I got up.

I headed off for groceries, one of which was the giant package of boneless skinless chicken thighs that I'm going to microwave in a few minutes, and on the way back into the development, saw a neighbor pulling into his assigned handicapped spot (long story). I stopped to tell him that management told me they would be taking care of my ramp soon and he told me they'll have to pay for it. His wife put in an ADA complaint that none of the condos met the ADA requirement of accessibility, even though they were built later than the law. She's right, and I knew that when I bought (almost no builders actually honor the law), but I just needed the ramps, handicapped spot, and curbcut. She got a rare brain condition a year ago and needs more.

The ADA complaint is being processed and apparently the condo board/org will have to pay for the access needed for any of us that need it. It would be really nice to get a concrete ramp and not have to pay for it. Lucilla will get something that will help her get their son and his wheelchair up to the parking lot, too. I need to email Virginia -- she needs a ramp, too. Actually, maybe Virginia's reading this!

So the next meeting is Tuesday, the 15th, at City Hall and I'm going. The neighbor may, maybe others. I want to have a say when they decide these things. I hope our new management company is sufficiently cognizant of the law to let the neighbor speak if he wants. The old management company wouldn't let him talk because they said he hadn't been paying his condo fees. The condo fees are in escrow because management/board wouldn't spend the appropriate money for the accessible entrance his wife needs. Legally, he still gets to do everything a regular owner would. It's annoying that I know more about this kind of stuff than the board does.