December 31st, 2007

20111112, Marilee

The Bright

It's very bright and sunny today, and relatively warm: 52F. I got up on time and headed off to the grocery store (with only one reusable bag because I had a tiny list). In the shopping center, one car was in a place where it blocked both lanes in front of the stores and the driver kept waving at other people to go by and they couldn't. Finally someone got out and explained to the driver who moved. I brought the birdseed in from the car with the groceries and as long as I had shoes and a coat on, transferred it into the container on the porch. The squirrel was mad that I came out while he was eating. Now we have 15 mourning doves; three are missing. I'm on the second load of cat blankies and kitchen & bathroom towels, and it's only 3pm. I'm being really productive.