December 29th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Button, Button, Where's the Button?

I managed to read too late last night (the last trilogy of The True Game) and got up later than usual. After getting money for next week at the ATM, I stopped at the fabric store for buttons. I didn't find anything I really loved in the right size, but I found something acceptable - black sort of folded buttons. They pop a bit more than I would have wanted for the coat, but there were no red or silver buttons of the right size with shanks (I'm going to have to lift the buttons even with the shanks because of the thickness of the coat; I didn't want to lift it as much as a holed button would require). The checkout person kept trying to convince me to come get them Monday when buttons will be on halfprice and I just kept saying I'd take them now. I didn't want to explain that I was already walking and standing a lot and I can't do that on Monday and get groceries. She said if I changed my mind, I could bring them back on Monday and then re-buy them at half-price. It was very nice of her, but even if I didn't have groceries to get, I don't think I'd bother with that for $2.50.

I drove down the shopping center about a block to Tony's and had Greek salad and cheese garlic bread. This is *real* garlic -- slivered on the bread -- not garlic salt. The cats don't care about my garlic breath, but they do expect me to say excuse me when I burp the cucumbers from the salad. My friend Steve from the bookgroup came in while I was eating and I had to call twice before he realized someone wanted him. He put in his order for a calzone and then went to get a new microwave and came back to sit with me while he waited for them to call his number. He was very kind to stand by with a chair while I found out if I could get out of the fixed booths on the sides. I can, but rather ungracefully, so when I eat alone, I'll still eat at the little table by the door. When I'm with other people, we can use a booth instead of one of the big tables down the middle.

I've been maintaining the WashPost at twenty-six days behind. I was hoping to do two papers last night, but it was a Sunday paper which takes twice as long. Just as well, I suppose, rather than having it split over a couple of nights. I hope to get two done tonight, though.