December 28th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

A Corporate Reply

That email I sent to the supermarket about the cashiers not balancing the load in the reusable bags? I got a call this morning from corporate saying I was right and they would talk to the store manager and division manager.

I didn't use the Celluvisc Refresh last night because my eyes hadn't felt too dry, but when I answered the call this morning, I could barely open my eyes. I put in some Hypotears (the Refresh makes your eyes blurry for a while which is why you put it in at night) and reset the alarm for another hour.

I went after the birdseed and that went well, but on the way home, a dumptruck pulled out in front of me from the other lane and I had to really stand on the brakes. Fortunately, we ended up with about a foot between us and the person behind me ended up about two feet behind. The really annoying part is that the dumptruck pulled off at a corner where I could see there was writing on the cab, but not what the writing is. I would have liked to call and complain.

The cats are odd tonight. They're all sitting around looking at me, and I fed them when I got home. I'm not sure what's up.