November 28th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Things Fall Apart

I was awakened by a phone call this morning, but the phone was plugged in charging at the desk and I know from experience that by the time I get my glasses on and dangle so I'm stable and get down the hall to the desk, that the caller has long gone and will either leave a message or not. So after I got up and fed the cats, I got the phone and it turned out to be the Kaiser neuro nurse. I called her back and she gave me my phenobarbital level -- 15.2 -- which I already saw online yesterday. Fifteen is the lowest therapeutic dose and I asked "Is that all?" The nurse said yes and I explained that the reason I'd had the level taken was because I emailed the doctor about those symptoms and she said the doctor probably didn't connect the email with the level because she would normally increase meds with that level and symptoms. She'll ask the doctor in the morning and get back to me.

So when I headed out to errands today, I didn't get the new cholesterol med. No use in heading that way twice. I took the trash and recycling out and then went to the Giant because I had a craving for bananas, and it turned out there were nice green ones. I ended up buying some ice cream and tortilla chips, too (Tostitos "with a hint of lime" -- these are very salty, but I like the taste) and I bought two of the grocery's small tote bags. When I got to the checkout, the cashier asked if I wanted to use one today and I said I'd like to use both. She said it would all fit in the one bag and I explained that that would be too heavy for me and I needed two bags. She said it wasn't too heavy and I said I've had a stroke, please use both bags -- one with bananas and one with ice cream. She still put it all in the same bag, so when I pushed the cart out of the store, I stopped to repack the bags. I guess they'll work, since I can always repack them before I carry. The handles are too long and put the weight too far from my center of gravity, so when I got home, I tied each handle shorter and that works.

I got home and started doing laundry and after I'd moved it to the dryer, we heard something go thump. The cats and I all looked up and I went down the hall, but didn't see anything. About 30 minutes later, the smoke alarm started making the "dead battery" noise, which couldn't be, because Rick just put this battery in on the 11th. I used my reacher to open the door and the battery was loose and fell out. He must not have pushed it in properly (no worries, the detector is electric with battery backup, so it still works). On the way back to the desk, I noticed that the aluminuminuminuminum tubing from the dryer to the hole that leads to the outside vent wasn't there. That was the thump. I had already sent the condo board president an email today asking about dryer vent cleaning (my output is stuffed) because usually we just have it done for the entire development and everybody pays. It's cheaper than having it done by yourself. So I stopped the dryer and am waiting to hear from the pres. They're slow enough that it will probably take months and I'll need to pay for it anyway. You get things fixed up and other things fall apart.
20111112, Marilee

Veteran's Day Picture

I noticed this when I saw it in the WashPost and I hunted online that day and couldn't find it. Now that I've reached the 10th in the newspapers, it turns out I was searching on the wrong date and now I've found it. It's a little trite -- reflected birds, silhouetted people -- but I liked it.